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SEGERSTROM Type 4: unequal amounts of two contrasting colors (cool, still and brilliant)
CALLAWAY Winter: pure, deep, intense, brilliant, or icy pastels, few middle colors; striking, smooth, serene, luminous
: moonlight colors, the stark, pure, cool hues of winter or midnight
WRIGHT Starlight Type 4: very strong primary colors, strong contrasts between pure hues, extreme tints and extreme shades, but not tones
GARZA & LUPO Star: the shimmering twinkle of the stars, modern jewel tones

You may be a Dominant Type 4 (Types & Tones)Melancholy* personality if you identify with a majority of these adjectives and you have the facial features said to be associated as well. Of course you will have the other features in a lesser degrees, the next one being your Secondary. For all of the types' adjectives, go here.  The neutrals each type wear.

If you know you are a Type 4, or you are experimenting, one of the first things you're going to start doing is evaluating the clothes in your closet and seeing what works, what needs to be put in storage (don't throw it out right away!), what you need to buy, and what could be modified!

This page is about how to modify your wardrobe, so you can get the most out of what you already have. Mostly how to change color, but also design lines, etc.

Wardrobe Refashion Type 4 Download

Black for Winters!


  • Saturated Black: The only type that can keep their black clothes.  In fact, you might want to dye some of it a crisper black if it has faded, such as your jeans or slacks.
  • Color palette: You can use a lot of the pure Rit Dye colors to dye some of your clothing items with more saturation.
  • You can also buy all kinds of women's clothing items in white and then dye them in your palette colors, by visiting Dharma Trading.  Actually, you can wear white too! And they sell some items in black. Examples,       3/4 Sleeve V-neckLadies Jersey Tank
  • Shoes: Redesign your shoes or spray paint them to create a more chic look.
use Woolite Darks to keep your blacks saturated
Type Authors Spring Jeans, Summer Jeans, Autumn Jeans, Winter Jeans
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              classic Rit colors

    Trying on T4

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