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Thursday, January 1, 2015

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You are a Soft Summer, aka Indian Summer
aka Caygill TwilgihtSummer, aka Caygill or Zyla Dusky Summer, aka Wright Dreamlight-Firelight 

(Soft Summer Light is Toned Summer in the 16 season system)
(Soft Summer Deep is Shaded Summer in the 16 season system)

This means you are a dominant Summer, with Secondary Autumn

Type 2                                        Type 3

What is your Style?

Please also see SEASONAL APPEARANCE and Type and Style

Also please match your hair and eyes!
You are a RedheadBlondeBrunetteBlack Hair

 Summer in Styles click

Soft Summer Makeup

Black for Summers?

Summer Jeans


Dusky Summer's Must Avoids

clear spring warm spring
light springlight summer
cool summersoft summer 


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Jane Rekas, LCSW
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