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Thursday, January 1, 2015

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You are a Warm Spring, aka True Spring, aka Absolute Spring, aka Glorious Spring
aka Caygill & Zyla Golden Spring and Floral Spring, Zyla Buoyant Spring, aka Wright Morninglight-Firelight
(Shaded Spring in the 16 season system)

This means you are a dominant Spring, with Secondary Autumn

Type 1                                        Type 3


Warm Spring can be any style, but usually Classic, Natural or Romantic

What is your Style?
Please also see SEASONAL APPEARANCE and Type and Style


WARM SPRING NEUTRALS by expressingyourtruth featuring Band of Outsiders

Also please match your hair and eyes!
You are a RedheadBlondeBrunetteBlack Hair

Black is not in your palette; see below tips on how to wear it with your palette.

Browns need to be very clean browns, tans and sands, made with high chroma pigments that reflect light (tints).


Glorious Spring colors from CMAS Spring fan

 Spring in Styles

Warm Spring Makeup
Black for Springs

Spring Jeans

Tawny Spring's Must Avoids

Floral Spring's' Must Avoids

clear spring warm spring
light springlight summer
cool summersoft summer 

1 comment:

  1. Interesting. I am a True Spring, but I can not touch autumn colors, I lean towards Clear Spring and can borrow from that palette, making sure I don't go too bright in quality, but the hues are right. Also, my temperament leans toward True to Clear Spring as well, not having any choleric tendencies what so ever...pretty much zero choleric. hehe So all True Springs are not created quite the same.


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